On this page we explain how the paperwork side of getting qualified works. This is aimed at new Ocean Diver trainees.

First, let’s assume that you have joined us (see how on this page), and that you have signed up to our OD training program.

Getting Trained

If you have signed up to one of our courses then there are three aspects that you will need to complete:

  • Classroom lessons
  • Pool lessons
  • Open water lessons

Classroom and Pool Sessions

You will be told when the classroom lessons and pool sessions are taking place. Go along to these, and as you complete each one you should get it signed off in your training log book by an instructor. (This log book comes in your training pack)

Open Water Lessons

To complete the open water training you will need to attend club trips and find an instructor to train you. We organise one large training trip every year, but you can do training any time by asking instructors to come with you to the sea to do some training.

As you complete each lesson make sure that your instructor signs it in your training log book.

Getting your qualification card

Once you have all your lessons singed by instructors, you need to get the qualification certificate signed and stamped by the club’s Diving Officer.

Sample of the qualification certificate

Having this signed off means you can get your qualification card. Fill in the BSAC pre-paid qualification card application form, and then send this to the club’s Diving Officer to be forwarded to BSAC.

Congratulations! If you made it this far you are now a qualified diver (and have the card to prove it!).