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Inspect PF Cart.

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Responsible Officers

Procedure Log

Date Member Supplier Cost Comment
2013-11-11 Tim Walsh 12.00 Budget Estimate = £12 (Need replacing once a year)


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Required Items

Item Attributes In Stores? Replacements to buy
Nitrox Logbook
    Oxygen Grease 0102
    • newvalue = 16.68
    PF Cartridge
    • model = 0520
    • newvalue = 24.00
    true 1


    Gas Mixing Equipment ( pg = 2 , )Check the Nitrox Logbook to ensure that the filter PF Cartridge has not exceeded 200 fills since its last change. Inspection of components used in O2 gas mixing must be done in a clean grease free environmentUnscrew the outlet cap only withdraw the PF Cartridge and inspect the condition of the media. Check the condition of the 2 PF O-rings and lubricate with a tiny smear Oxygen Grease 0102 so that the o-ring has a shine. Ensure that it is oxygen compatible grease used and not normal grease

    Change Filter

    Change the PF Cartridge .


    Verify that a UBUC Label is attached and log completion of the inspection, the items operational status and any conditional comments.