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First Aid

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Responsible Officers

Procedure Log

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Required Items

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Stow First Aid kits (Boat only)

In order to distinguish the first aid kits, UBUC practise is to stow them in the zebra pattern dry bag . They are on the Boat departure checks ( ) and stored in the bows clipped onto the grab lines.


Club members may be involved in a number of accidents of varying seriousness minor burns e.g. The First Aid Manual ( pg = 184 , ) from camping stoves, sprains, breaks, cuts, bruses, excess drink, sunburn The First Aid Manual ( pg = 191 , ), hypothermia The First Aid Manual ( pg = 194 , ), anaplatic shock The First Aid Manual ( pg = 278 , ), diabetes The First Aid Manual ( pg = 218 , ) and DDRC accident manual ( pg = 37 , ) jelly fish stings.


First aid can be challenging. The training agencies offer some objective as guidence The First Aid Manual ( pg = 14 , ). Asses a situation quickly and calmly. Protect yourself and any casualties from danger (e.g. remove wieght belts and casualties from water). Comfort and reassure casualties at all times. Assess the casualty to identify the injury. Give early treatement. Arrange for appropriate help and stay with a casualty until care is available.


If the injury is serious enough for medical personnel to attend the emergancy services should be warned that the casuatly is a diver and that Entanox should not be administered Entanox article ( ) DDRC accident manual ( pg = 56 , )

Incidents and Reporting

If an incident occurs then we have obligations to report it. If its something that could be the basis of a boat insurance claim our insurance conditions require notification of the insurers as soon as possible Westfield T and Cs ( ). The BSAC also collects incident details with a view to making the sport safer BSAC Incid Report ( ) and as a student club we are also obliged to notify the union UBU Incident Report ( ) within 24 hrs.