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This club exists to provide for its members facilities, opportunity and training for underwater exploration, science, and sport.

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FRESH is the single most important event of UBUC's calendar. It is much much easier to run UBUC with a large membership than a small membership. It means that the cost of running UBUC is spread wider making it better value. It means that trips and training courses are easier to fill making them viable. New members and especially first year members with sufficient time to contribute back to the club are its life blood.

Early Work

The new intake finishes their A-levels and it is likely at that point when they know which university they will be attending will be when they start to investigate clubs. UBUC's web page will be what they find in a google search. UBUC will look far more attractive if its web page is upto date and contains calendar details of at least some training and events in the Autumn term.


An effective FRESH needs preperation. Handouts must be produced and printed detailing the costs that members should expect to incur. These handouts must contain membership fees. The times and places for lectures to which new members are obliged to commit must also be advertised otherwise a committee simply ends up fielding endless winges about so and so cannot make such and such after they joined.


A common problem is that committees once elected in April with a formal handover in May do nothing during the exam season and summer holiday. This is disasturous for the year because it leads to an unsuccessful FRESH. One serious hurdle to effective organisation is getting training slots for the pool in time to advertise them at FRESH. Union pool management seems to be utterly divorced from the rest of the uni calendar with consequences that are hugely damaging to UBUC. A committee needs to be aware of this problem and escalate this problem to get those slots tied down in time to produce advertising material for FRESH. The Sports Dept has track record of changing fees and costs in the period of the end of summer and also post FRESH when in-experienced committees are struggling to find their feet and pre-occupied. These are usually presented as fait accompli so be very careful that the information you are advertising to members might be subject to last minute alteration by them.


There are different strategies for approaching FRESH. A committee might decide to close recruitment at the end of FRESH or can leave recruitment open. Money might be required on the day or taken later. Typically a commitee wants to make things as easy as possible and the easy option is to leave recruitment open and allow people to pay later prehaps after a try dive. The consequence of that strategy is several hundred people express an interest. But actually this evapourates to very few actually signing up and it leaves the training officer with both the burden of having to organise try dives and unable to plan as they have no idea how many students they need. A harder nosed approach along the lines of join and pay by the end of FRESH or even we only have 40 novices spaces going on a first come first served basis probably leads to a higher membership overall and certainly less subsequent work.