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White Boat Pole is currently niggle


Other Attributes

Part Attributes
  • manufacturer = Garmin
  • model = Fishfinder G90
  • repaircost = 60.83
  • status = niggle
Use Echo Sounders
Inspect Sounders 6



Date Member Supplier Cost Comment
2017-10-01 Sam Walder 60.83 Added a plastic enclosure to the top of the pole to try and help keep things together
2017-08-02 Sam Walder 10.00 Turned the pole into a metal one. I don't have the receipts any more, sorry for the estimated cost.
2016-03-16 Hayley Crocodile clips replaced with proper connector.
2016-03-05 Tim Walsh Echo sounder doesn't have proper electrical connectors
2015-03-09 Tim Walsh The echo sounder pole has been repaired - but the battery connections appear to be crocodile clips and ought to be a proper connection
2014-05-07 Alex Bourla Fishfinder is not secured to boat-pole properly (currently using cable-ties!) and keeps coming off. Wood at bottom of the pole is rotting away. All materials required to build a new pole are currently in stores, speak to Neil Love/Alex Harker for instructions.