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O2 Analyser is currently working


Other Attributes

Part Attributes
  • manufacturer = Tek-Ox
  • model = R-17VAN
  • newvalue = 180
  • serial = 0468
  • status = working
Oxygen Analysis
Insp. O2 Analyser 6
Change Sensor 2017-12-06 36 54



Date Member Supplier Cost Comment
2017-12-06 Sam Walder 71.36 New sensor (database id nxp02) arrived. This was ordered with next day delivery from narkedat90.
2017-11-30 Sam Walder Bristol Channel Divers Sent to BCD to see if they can get the bits
2014-08-16 Tim Walsh 60.00 Not showing 21% O2 in air, sensor cell needs replacing
2013-03-04 Tim Walsh 180.00 Current replacement price=£180