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PC eng service

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Responsible Officers

Procedure Log

Date Member Supplier Cost Comment
2014-04-23 Tim Walsh George Carr 108.00 A rough estimate for an annual service on a Honda GX 390 is £ 80 – 90 plus VAT. The service would entail a spark plug & oil change, a full clean of the carburettor & fuel system replacing gaskets as needed, we also fit a new air filter & pull-cord rope as standard. The engine would then be ran & tested with any settings & adjustments being taken care of as required.
2013-11-11 Tim Walsh 30.00 Budget Estimate = £30, parts


, ()

Required Items

Item Attributes In Stores? Replacements to buy
Engine Comp Guage
    Engine oil
    • newvalue = 8.29
    • type = SAE 10W-30 API Category SJ Oil
    false 1
    Honda air filter
    • newvalue = 22.74
    false 1
    Spark Jump Tester
    • newvalue = 9.95
    Spark Plug
    • NGKPartNo = NGK BPR6ES
    • gap = 0.7-0.8mm
    • newvalue = 4.5
    true 1

    Initial Checks

    Using the Spark Jump Tester check the spark jump on the HT lead. The spark should jump at least 2cm and its shape should be straight with a violet blue color. A red or curved spark may indicate a coil defect. Check the condition of the Spark Plug against the Spark Colour Chart ( ). Using the Engine Comp Guage measure and record engine cylinder compression.

    Replace Air Filter

    Replace the air filter Honda Maintenance ( ) Honda Manual ( page = 10 , ) Honda air filter

    Replace Oil

    Honda Maintenance ( ) Honda Manual ( page = 9 , )Replace the Engine oil

    Replace Spark Plug

    Replace the Spark Plug and set the gap.