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Flare Pack Insp.

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Responsible Officers

Procedure Log

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, (2015-09-17), (2015-09-17)

Required Items

Item Attributes In Stores? Replacements to buy
AA batteries
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    The flare box contains all the boats safety gear. This is equipment not regularly used but that should be to hand in an emergancy

    Check Flares

    Each boat is equipped with a Costal Flare Pack containing 2 red parachute , 2 red hand flare and 2 red hand flare all flares are in date. This is slightly less than the advice in CDA Guidelines ( Appendix = 2 , )but are the normal sort of reasonably priced flares. Both boats acting in conjunction represent a reasonable flare pack

    Spare VHF Battery

    Verify that the flare kit contains VHF Alkaline Case . Replace the AA batteries and ensure the emergency VHF batteries are sealed from water.


    The flarebox should contain a Compass

    Air Horn

    A small airhorn powered by a direct feed serves as a surface signalling device and a diver recall signall Air Horn .

    Nav lights

    A vessel less than 7m that has a max speed of 7kts need only show an all round white light Collision Regs ( ). Since we rarely operate at night the flares box should contain a Battery Nav Light and a powerful Torch all batteries should be alkaline and be replaced annually.

    Radar Reflectors

    CDA Guidelines ( page = 15 , ), SOLAS V ( page = 4 , )The law says that a radar reflector should be fitted if practicable. We don't think it is practicable for our small boats and we shouldn't be out in fog anyway. The flare kit does contain a Radar Reflector to be inflated and held aloft in an emergancy..


    SOLAS SOLAS V ( page = 4 , ) requires that boats carry a copy of SOLAS Distress Table ( )


    Verify that a UBUC Label is attached and log completion of the inspection, the items operational status and any conditional comments.