UBUC Maintenance Documentation

This club exists to provide for its members facilities, opportunity and training for underwater exploration, science, and sport.

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Force 4

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Supplier Log

Name Date Object Procedure Price Comment
Hayley 2016-03-16 boat Wozniak 2.30 Elephant trunk has been reattached.
Tim Walsh 2015-02-28 jubilee clip 1.70 Purchased stainless jubilee clips for the fuel lines
Boo 2014-05-01 Outboard Engine Lock 30.00 According to our insurance, our engines aren't covered against theft when the boats are moored without purpose made outboard motor locks fitted. To rectify this issue, two outboard motor locks have been purchased.
Tim Walsh 2014-03-03 Black Boat Pole The transducer is held on with cable ties, they are not upto the job it should be bolted. Also the transducer mount should pivot
Tim Walsh 2014-02-16 dry bag 18.00 Sale price
Tim Walsh 2014-02-15 Marine 2-stroke oil 7.50 4l quick sliver oil cost 29.50
Tim Walsh 2014-01-11 Engine muffs 10.00 Saw muffs for sale in Force 4
Tim Walsh 2013-01-28 Costal Flare Pack 100.00
Tim Walsh 2013-01-28 Compass 34.95
Tim Walsh 2012-10-20 Hypalon 10.95 Hypalon material 70cm by 15cm
Tim Walsh 2012-10-20 2-part Hypalon glue 10.85 Poly marine glue