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This club exists to provide for its members facilities, opportunity and training for underwater exploration, science, and sport.

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Responsible Officers

Procedure Log

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Required Items

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Any information that can be written down and passed to medical professionals will be useful to medical professionals and confidence with some sort of assessment is useful 5min DCS inspection ( ). The kit should also contain some method of taking a record for instance Assessment Form ( ), DDRC accident manual ( pg = 55 , ) and a Pencil

Administer Oxygen

DDRC accident manual ( )Attach the Oxygen Regulator to one of our oxygen regs. Give to the casualty and give reassurance. For an unconcious casualty there is a free flow valve for oxygen assisted recussitation. There are a number of advice lines for divers wanting advice. DDRC (01752 209999), Institute of Naval Medicine (07831 151523) If you are in scotland (0845 408 6008) who will offer advice.

Administer Fluids

For a decompression incident fluids should be administered at a rate of 1 litre/hr CDA Guidelines ( appendix = 4 , ), Assessment Form ( )

Incidents and Reporting

If an incident occurs then we have obligations to report it. If its something that could be the basis of a boat insurance claim our insurance conditions require notification of the insurers as soon as possible Westfield T and Cs ( ). The BSAC also collects incident details with a view to making the sport safer BSAC Incid Report ( ) and as a student club we are also obliged to notify the union UBU Incident Report ( ) within 24 hrs.