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Shore Oxygen is currently niggle


Other Attributes

Part Attributes
  • PCode = R24105-DV
  • cylinderID = cl019
  • newvalue = 620
  • repaircost = 120
  • status = niggle
  • year = 09/2011
O2 Admin
O2 Kit insp. 2015-03-08 6
O2 Kit Refill 12 10
Oxygen Kit Service 2014-10-28 36 120



Date Member Supplier Cost Comment
2018-02-22 UBUC Daemon 120.00 Oxygen Kit Service; out of date
2018-02-16 Sam Walder 51.06 Bought all the bits that were needed and it is now working.
2015-03-08 Jez Kent Kit only just in working order: constant flow attachment is leaking, constant flow nipple is corroded, missing constant flow mask, missing wheel knob for an O2 cylinder, missing BSAC incident and casualty assessment sheet and pen/pencil.
2014-10-28 Dan Chaney JR Services 96.57 Serviced the oxygen kit
2014-03-15 Tim Walsh Added QR Code label
2014-02-08 Daniel Chaney JR Services 97.00 Shore oxygen serviced
2014-01-09 Tim Walsh JR Services 120.00 Spoke to JR Services service will likely cost £120
2013-10-26 Tim Walsh Free flow connection is not supplying oxygen at 10l/min
2013-10-23 Tim Walsh 620.00 Current replacement cost=£620
2012-02-01 Tim Walsh 200.00 Oxygen kits found left rotting in damp box repair = £600