UBUC Maintenance Documentation

This club exists to provide for its members facilities, opportunity and training for underwater exploration, science, and sport.

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Sub Aqua Products

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Supplier Log

Name Date Object Procedure Price Comment
Sam Walder 2018-05-14 O2 Decanting Hose 179.40 Bought some new bits from Sub-aqua products to make it a bit better. Still recommend recording the age of the hose here and replacing it every few years to keep things safe.
Tim Walsh 2015-02-22 Cushion Mask 9.54
Tim Walsh 2015-02-22 EAR Pocket Mask 13.80
Tim Walsh 2015-02-22 Therapy Tube 18.00
Tim Walsh 2015-02-22 10l Probe 3.60
Tim Walsh 2015-02-22 Din Male O2 Pin Block 53.52
Tim Walsh 2013-11-04 Oxygen Grease 0102 16.68