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Trailer Inspection

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Responsible Officers

Procedure Log

Date Member Supplier Cost Comment
2015-08-15 Tim Walsh 50.00 Added an estimate for trailer inspection


, (2016-02-06)

Required Items

Item Attributes In Stores? Replacements to buy
Break Cleaner
      Marine Grease Gun
        Split Pin
          true 4

          Inspect hitch

          Check the Trailer Hitch Trailer Manual ( page = 59 , )Smear Grease into the hitch. Verify the break away cable is functional and of an appropriate length. Using the Marine Grease Gun grease all the grease nipples and moving parts. Check the coupling head for free play. Check the handbrake is operational. Inspect the Jockey Wheel and replace if worn or damaged. Check break couplings.

          Inspect Wheels

          Check tread on the wheel . Remove the hub cap to reveal the Castillated nut . Remove the Split Pin and undo the Castillated nut withdraw the wheel hub to display the Bearings and races . Wipe the old grease off and then clean with Break Cleaner Inspect and replace if damaged before working in new Grease see Trailer Manual ( chapter = 11 , )

          Inspect Electrics

          Verify that the electrics are working and all bulbs are functional

          Inspect bodywork

          Check the body work, ensure there is not obvious damage or rust patches.

          Inspect webbing

          Check the webbing and lubricate the ratchet strap.


          Verify that a UBUC Label is attached and log completion of the inspection, the items operational status and any conditional comments.