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Trailer is currently damaged



Other Attributes

Part Attributes
  • newvalue = 1800
  • status = damaged
Driving and Towing 2015-02-24
Trailer Inspection 2016-02-06 12 50



Date Member Supplier Cost Comment
2018-05-08 Sam Walder Electrics are damaged and need reworking
2016-03-07 Tim Walsh Tyre is fixed, but breakaway cable and left indicator are not operational
2016-02-06 Tom Crowther Brake away cable is broken. Front nearside tire tread is not legal. Odd wear on nearside tyres suggesting some issue. Trailer was using spare wheel so replaced correct wheel back
2015-09-22 Tim Walsh There is a strong argument for replacing our trailer. It is poorly balanced being is too nose heavy so it isn't a good idea to tow it behind cars that really ought to have no problems towing a 750kg trailer. Secondly It is overall too heavy heavy with the consequence that half of its carrying capacity within the 750Kg limit is its own mass. Looking at an example of what we should be thinking of, the CK700 trailer in the link has a gross capacity of 730kg and its carrying capacity is 550kg implying its own mas is only 180Kg. A properly balanced 550kg carrying capacity would allow 2 boats (220 kg), 2 engines (130kg), 2 fuel tanks (50Kg), 8 cylinders (100Kg) and have 50Kg for anchor crates/tools/vhf/first aid/flags all to be carred on the trailer comfortably behind quite a small car.
2015-03-08 Tim Walsh All tyres appear good, no issues on tow to Queen Anne's Battery. One wheel is still different and protrudes more than the others
2015-02-24 chris coltman bald tyre replaced
2014-12-06 Tim Walsh 120.00 Trailer inspected and bearings greased. Inner seals of rear bearings were damaged and replaced. Missing hubcap also replaced. Marked as proken because one tyre is bald. spare is missing and one wheel has a very different offset to the other 3 and should be replaced to match. Estimated cost is based on price of 2 new wheels. Rear RHS axle has a split pin hole that is a bit off centre making it difficult to place the split pin
2014-01-30 Tim Walsh Picture of towing
2013-08-26 Tim Walsh 1800.00 Correspondence with Bridgewater trailer center. Replacement trailer cost=£1800, unladen mass approx 300Kg. Expect our trailer is heavier
2013-05-07 Tim Walsh 6.00 Rear right hubcap is missing
2013-03-30 Dave Wilby Tyre puncture
2013-03-19 Tim Walsh Left mudguard repaired and hubcap replaced by Kieran Wood
2012-11-06 Tim Walsh Found relevant instructions for regreasing bearings
2012-11-04 Hazel Wood Jockey wheel post is bent. Break away cable needs replacing. None of the bearings are adequately greased and front left hubcap is missing. Mudguard on left hand side is unsecured. Tread on rear left wheel is less than 3mm