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BCD Inspection

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Responsible Officers

Procedure Log

Date Member Supplier Cost Comment


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Required Items

Item Attributes In Stores? Replacements to buy
Disinfectant Cleaner
    Schroder core tool
      Ultrasonic Bath
      • newvalue = 29


      Buddy Manual ( page = 24 , )Visually inspect the BCD Material and fittings for wear and damage. Operate the quick release snap connectors and ensure they operate smoothly


      Wash the BC water with a little Disinfectant Cleaner . Ensure that the inside is flushed out several times.


      Inflate the BCD until Dump Valve the over pressure valve starts to vent. Verify that the rate of inflation is satisfactory. If it is not then dissassemble the inflate using the Schroder core tool extract the Gauze and clean all components using the Ultrasonic Bath . Re-assemble


      check for leaks around the valves. Operate all valves and ensure they work and re-seal. Check that vents all have pull knob firmly attached. Check that the BCD Mouthpiece is firmly attached. Every club BCD should have a SOS Whistle attached. The Convoluted hose should be in good condition and well attached with Hose Coupling kit . The Diaphram cover should be in good condition. Check any Waist Buckle is operational and will not slip, that buckles such as Release Buckle , 25mm Fastex Buckle or 50mm Fastex Buckle are in good shape. Check the Camband is in good shape.


      Replace the BC in the stores, store partially inflated


      Verify that a UBUC Label is attached and log completion of the inspection, the items operational status and any conditional comments.