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Engine Ruby is currently damaged


Other Attributes

Part Attributes
  • colour = Black
  • manufacturer = Tohatsu
  • mass = 65kg
  • model = M40C
  • newvalue = 2900
  • power = 40Hp
  • propdiameter = 17.5cm
  • proppitch = 7inch
  • serial = 030354XE
  • status = damaged
  • year = 2006
Engine Operation
Engine Storage
Troubleshooting 2016-03-16
Engine Inspection 2016-02-07 6
Engine Service 2018-04-05 12 200



Date Member Supplier Cost Comment
2018-05-08 Sam Walder Stater cord has been broken on the recent Plymouth trip. Also needs a new prop as the current one is inappropriate
2018-04-05 Sam Walder Ruby Serviced by Chris and Josh (with input from many others). Still has damaged tiller mesh which needs replacing (part number 398-63041-0 I think)
2016-03-16 Hayley Bristol Boats 5.65 Starter spring rewound and ratchet replaced. Link arm still missing - take extra care not to try to start the engine in reverse.
2016-03-06 Tim Walsh Electric switch replaced but ruby developed fault with stater. The ratchet that engages the starter, part no 345-05003-1, ref 11-1-3 is broken so the starter will not engage. The reacoil starter has allso com unwound so the spring may have also come lose
2016-02-07 Tim Walsh Wet Bristol 250.00 Ruby serviced by John Dawson, Tom and Carla and Leon, carb, water pump, spark plugs, fuel pump, gear oil all replaced and thermostat checked and operational
2016-02-07 Tim Walsh Wet Bristol Ruby has a broken lanyard switch (ref 8-16, partno 398-06830-0) which must be replaced. She also has a broken link arm (ref 12-19, partno 345-05222-1). The tiller handle has not been refitted, apparently it has been purchased but requires screw (ref 19-21-2, partno 921603-0516), nut (ref 19-21-3, partno 930103-0500), spring washer (ref 19-21-4, partno 940103-0500). Engine compresson checked and = 140psi in bot chambers
2016-01-01 UBUC Daemon 200.00 Engine Service; out of date
2015-09-17 Hayley
2015-03-08 Tim Walsh Engine performed flawlessly on boat handling course
2015-02-24 chris coltman carb jet replaced
2014-12-07 Tim Walsh Main Carb Jet #120 (Part No 345-03253-0) is missing. Tilt handle is still missing. Part No:348-66211-0 was purchased but not fitted as there is absolutely no sign of any damage to the existing gear shift. Compression was measured as 140psi both cylinders and the mixture screw is 1.75 turns back from the end stop.
2014-04-14 Jon Gear shift rod is bent, shows signs of having been forced back into place in the past. Part No:348-66211-0 (I think)
2014-03-13 Tim Walsh Tohatsu UK (Ski Marine) 48.00 To make the fix, Boo sourced an induction coil part No 361-06040-1 and a head gasket from Tohatsu UK
2014-03-04 Tim Walsh Wet Bristol Ruby fixed by duncan thanks to Jon and Boo
2014-01-07 Tim Walsh EU environmental legislation has prevented the sale of light powerful 2-stroke engines like Ruby. There are modern 2-stroke engines like Evenrudes ETEC and Tohatsu TLDI engines and also 4 strokes. However all modern 40Hp engines have a mass of 1.5 times that of Ruby. Consequently Ruby must currently be assumed to be irreplacable
2013-08-26 Sascha Troscheit The stuttering issue at speeds above 5-6 kts has not been fixed
2013-05-25 Tim Walsh Wet Bristol 92.64 Grounding problems fixed on engine
2013-05-09 Tim Walsh Missing tilt handle
2013-05-07 Tim Walsh Runs very roughly
2013-04-08 Tim Walsh 2900.00 Current new replacement cost=£2900
2013-03-19 Tim Walsh Lower sparkplug cap replaced by Tim Walsh, carb bolts replaced by Gus
2013-03-19 Jon Hauser Top cylinder compression=125psi, lower cylinder compression also=125psi
2012-11-11 Kieran Wood Ruby Serviced by Kieran, Elena, Pavel and Pedro
2012-06-31 Tim Walsh Bristol Boats 300.00 Engine submerged again on trip. Rebuilt
2012-02-24 Tim Walsh Bristol Boats 741.55 Engineers report on rebuilding submerged engine shows piston damage from lack of oil. Piston replaced
2012-02-19 Tim Walsh Engine submerged during manovers on diver Coxn exam