UBUC Maintenance Documentation

This club exists to provide for its members facilities, opportunity and training for underwater exploration, science, and sport.

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Bristol Boats

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Supplier Log

Name Date Object Procedure Price Comment
Hayley 2016-03-16 Engine Ruby 5.65 Starter spring rewound and ratchet replaced. Link arm still missing - take extra care not to try to start the engine in reverse.
Tim Walsh 2014-11-22 Painter Rope 17.00
Tim Walsh 2012-06-31 Engine Ruby 300.00 Engine submerged again on trip. Rebuilt
Tim Walsh 2012-02-24 Engine Ruby 741.55 Engineers report on rebuilding submerged engine shows piston damage from lack of oil. Piston replaced
Tim Walsh 2012-02-01 Boat Spark Plugs 3.50
Tim Walsh 2012-02-01 Starter rope 3.50
Tim Walsh 2012-02-01 Prop split pin .53