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Black Boat Pole is currently broken


Other Attributes

Part Attributes
  • manufacturer = Garmin
  • model = Fishfinder G90
  • serial = 48751217
  • status = broken
Use Echo Sounders 2016-03-17
Inspect Sounders 6



Date Member Supplier Cost Comment
2017-11-22 Sam Walder This is currrently in a very sorry state. Could do with a load of work doing on it really
2016-03-17 Chris Bainbridge Made a new boat pole, now working.
2016-03-16 Hayley This boat pole is no longer in commission. A new one has been built.
2016-03-05 Tim Walsh Boat Pole is missing
2015-03-09 Tim Walsh It looks like the black boat pole has been repaired since the last log comment
2014-03-03 Tim Walsh Force 4 The transducer is held on with cable ties, they are not upto the job it should be bolted. Also the transducer mount should pivot
2013-08-26 Sascha Troscheit Repaired
2013-05-07 Tim Walsh The echo sounder is not working. The old electrical connectors were siezed due to a short. The lands end trip cut them and connected a new battery and still had no result. This pole has nowhere to store VHF and echo sounder.