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Boat Annual Service

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Responsible Officers

Procedure Log

Date Member Supplier Cost Comment
2013-11-11 Tim Walsh 50.00 Budget estimate for Boat annual service cost=£50


, (2016-02-06), (2016-02-06), ()

Required Items

Item Attributes In Stores? Replacements to buy
2-part Hypalon glue
    Air Gun
      Cellulose thinners
        Fuel Filter
        • PartNo = 35-802893Q01
        • newvalue = 9.5
        true 1
        FuelLine Tank connect
        • newvalue = 4
        true 1
          Hypalon detergent
            Sand paper
              bit holder 6mm
              • drive = 1/4 inch


              Zodiac Boat Parts ( )For each of the four Chamber Valves Valve Image ( ). Disassmble, clean and grease the sliding cones. Inspect gaskets and diaphrams in the Chamber Valves and Keel Valve and replace as required. Reassemble

              Service Fuel System

              Replace the Fuel Filter . Using the bit holder 6mm loosen the fuel jubilee clip and Dis-assemble all fuel hoses. With the Air Gun connected to a diving regulator, blow air through the hoses to clear them completely of fuel and obstructions. Replace the FuelLine Tank connect

              Inspect Hull

              Inspect the entire hull tubes, keel and floor. Patch any holes and replace any patches that are coming off or use the wrong material using Hypalon . Glued on with 2-part Hypalon glue . The patch and area should be well abraided using Sand paper and the area cleaned using Cellulose thinners

              Check Boards

              Check the condition of the boards and side bars. Order replacements for missing elements


              Verify that the fixings on the transom are firm and in good condition.

              Check Painter

              Check the rope work of the painter and tow points. Re-inforce if necessary. Replace worn Painter Rope Ensure that the painter is not long enough to reach the Propeller if it were trailing in the water

              Clean boat

              Using a Hypalon detergent wash the oil and grease from the hull tubes and floor that has accumulated over the year.


              Verify that a UBUC Label is attached and log completion of the inspection, the items operational status and any conditional comments.