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boat Wozniak is currently broken


Other Attributes

Part Attributes
  • hullid = ES-XDCB819BLI02
  • manufacturer = Zodiac
  • mass = 110kg
  • material = Hypalon
  • model = MK3 GR
  • newvalue = 6200
  • serial = 3433
  • status = broken
  • year = 2002
Boat Handling
Coxn Training
Boat Annual Service 2016-02-06 12 50



Date Member Supplier Cost Comment
2018-05-08 Sam Walder Rolled up in the back of boat stores. Intention is to sell this vessel and we should do this asap so that it does not get further damage.
2016-04-13 Hayley Floorboard retaining batten missing.
2016-03-16 Hayley Force 4 2.30 Elephant trunk has been reattached.
2016-03-06 Tim Walsh Elephant trunk has fallen off on Wozniak
2016-02-06 Tim Walsh Failed to find any leaks in boat alumi except for a small somewhere under the rope handle section. Replaced port stern valve cap and noticed two significant wear patches under the bow which were not leaking but should probably be patched
2015-04-06 Alex Bourla Leaking significant amounts of air from multiple sections of tube. Also the water leak reported in may 2014 is still present and causes significant issues in rough conditions. Needs quite a bit of patching :(.
2015-04-06 Alex Bourla Fuel line leaks significant air somewhere and is unusable - since the connectors are relatively new, I guess probably just needs new hose/jubilee clips etc.
2014-12-08 Tim Walsh I believe all patches were completed on the course. Set status to working
2014-12-06 Ivo Videnov Patched up rear right side of boat. Greased up valves and replaced filter. One hole still needs patching on underside.
2014-05-07 Boo Takes on water - there's a hole somewhere.
2014-05-07 Boo Very floppy - possible puncture in keel or problem with boards.
2014-03-03 Tim Walsh 3.00 The fuel connector on the tank side is worn and leaks air so the engine gets no fuel and cuts out
2013-04-08 Tim Walsh 6200.00 Current new replacement cost=£6200
2013-01-19 Will Game leaking handle cut off, patched and replaced. PVC patch cut off and replaced by Will, Kieran and Tim
2012-11-04 Hazel Wood Boards need pop-riviting 4mm diameterx5mm depth 30 required.