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This club exists to provide for its members facilities, opportunity and training for underwater exploration, science, and sport.

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boat Alumni is currently niggle



Other Attributes

Part Attributes
  • hullid = XDCA742NA696
  • manufacturer = Zodiac
  • mass = 110kg
  • material = Hypalon
  • model = MK3 GR
  • newvalue = 6200
  • status = niggle
  • year = 1996
Boat Handling
Coxn Training
Boat Annual Service 2016-02-06 12 50



Date Member Supplier Cost Comment
2018-05-08 Sam Walder Needs a new painter. Lots of leaks that need to be fixed.
2016-04-13 Hayley Patched 5 leaks after significant deflating at PK.
2016-03-11 Tim Walsh Zodiac Miltary and Professional Between the two boats we are missing a pair of stringers. Suggest getting a spare pair of aft false springers Part No Z2133 and also a pair of Bow false springers Part No Z3554 to complete complement/replace some damaged parts
2016-02-06 Tim Walsh Except for the short painter, Boat Alumni seems to be fine
2016-01-01 UBUC Daemon 50.00 Boat Annual Service; out of date
2014-12-08 Tim Walsh I believe all patches were completed on the course. Set status to working
2014-12-06 Daniel Chaney Patch still to be applied to underside of starboard tube
2014-12-06 Daniel Chaney Patch applied to underside of starboard tube.
2014-05-07 Boo Slow puncture, isolated to stern port.
2014-03-13 Tim Walsh 20.00 Starboard carrying handle is part Z2994.
2014-01-08 Tim Walsh Image of alumni 1
2013-05-07 Tim Walsh 30.00 Missing front starboard handle
2013-04-08 Tim Walsh 6200.00 Current new replacement cost=£6200
2013-03-19 Tim Walsh Underside of Port Stern section patched by the girls
2013-01-19 Will Game 2 handles and Keel replaced by Will, Kieran and Tim
2012-11-04 Hazel Wood Two handles missing on starboard side. Patch placed under forward starboard handle
2012-06-31 Tim Walsh Keel over inflated and burst