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This club exists to provide for its members facilities, opportunity and training for underwater exploration, science, and sport.

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Regulator 22 is currently working


Other Attributes

Part Attributes
  • DV = R190
  • manufacturer = Scubapro
  • mass = 2.5kg
  • stStage = Mk2
  • status = working
Regulator Use
Regulator Check 2015-09-14 6
Regulator Service 2017-10-24 12 85



Date Member Supplier Cost Comment
2017-10-24 Sam Walder DM Scuba 74.00 Regulator servicing complete
2017-10-24 Sam Walder DM Scuba Invoice for work performed
2015-09-14 Hayley Gauge reads 20-30 bar too high.
2014-10-03 Daniel Chaney Primary 2nd stage freeflowing on purge. Octopus freeflowing when tilted upwards underwater.
2014-03-15 Tim Walsh Added QR Code label
2013-01-11 Holly Vint 70.00 Out of Service, pool use only