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Regulator Use

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Responsible Officers

Procedure Log

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Required Items

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Drysuit Use

To avoid wear and tear and facilitate sharing of the clubs limited number of regulators UBUC policy is to insist that drysuited divers wishing to use club regulators put a CEJN nipple onto their drysuit so that the club regulators fit it rather than swapping hoses on club regs.

Inspect Regs

Check the regs and hoses for obvious defects. Regs in service for sea use will be marked with Cable Wrap

Pre dive checks

During the pre-dive, bouyancy, air, release (BAR) checks verify that both main and second regs supply air

During Dive

At some point during the dive verify that the second reg produces a dry breath. If either reg breaths wet use the other and abort the dive.

Post Dive

After the dive, ensure that the Dust Cap is dried and replaced and that the reg is returned to its appropriate container. If any defects have been observed then the reg should be handed to the appropriate trip person.


Before the reg has is put back in stores after a trip it should be connected to a cylinder washed well. It is important that no water enters the hoses so if it isn't possible to pressurise the reg then care must be taken to not press the purge button when washing Equipment and Signals ( )