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Regulator Check

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Responsible Officers

Procedure Log

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Required Items

Item Attributes In Stores? Replacements to buy
Cleaning Solution
    Interstage p guage
      Soapy Water
        Ultrasonic Bath
        • newvalue = 29

          Inspect Regs

          Inspect the main and second regs. Check the condition of the mouthpiece . Suck gently on the reg and verify that the reg unit is airtight. If the reg is not airtight remove the front cover and verify the condition of the Diaphram and Exhaust Valve . See R190 Parts List ( )to list R190 parts. For other issues work through R190 troubleshooting ( ). Read R190 Service Manual ( )and Mk2 Repair Guide ( )for interest.

          Inspect Hoses

          Inspect the Octopus Hose , Main Reg hose , BC Inflate hose , High pressure hose and if fitted the Drysuit Hose . Replace any hoses that have kinks or bulges.

          UBUC drysuit policy

          It is club policy that any member wanting to dive on a drysuit on our regs should fit a CEJN nipple to their drysuit. This saves club regs from the wear and tear associated with changing hoses. A drysuit hose if fitted should be of this type.

          Pressure Check

          Connect the reg to a cylinder, using a bucket of Soapy Water immerse the reg and hoses and check for leaks around the hoses and any Low Pressure Blank or High Pressure Blank . Leaks are fixed by changing the appropriate o-ring and removing salt and encrustation with a Ultrasonic Bath with Cleaning Solution . Leaks at the Submersable pressure Guage (SPG) need SPG Swivel O-ring . Low pressure hoses at the first stage require LP port O-ring . High pressure hoses need HP port O-ring and leaks at the reg connection need Reg Swivel O-ring . Verify that the SPG reads accurately at pressure and at atmosphere.

          Interstage Pressure

          Using the Interstage p guage Check and log the interstage pressure of the reg

          Check dustcap

          Check the Dust Cap Replace if worn or hanging off

          Inspect Console

          Verify that the Reg Console is in good order and that the items within it are operational. The electronc Bottom Timers are battery powered and are not required for pool training. The batteries cannot be replaced and so to extend the life of these units they should be removed from pool regs and stored in a dry place.

          Check Cable Wrap

          UBUC has a policy of advertising which regulators are available for sea use by wrapping Cable Wrap around one of the hoses. This provides an immediately obvious verification of the state of the regulator. If the regulator is suitable for sea use then it should have Cable Wrap on it. If it isn't then the Cable Wrap should be removed.


          Verify that a UBUC Label is attached and log completion of the inspection, the items operational status and any conditional comments.