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VHF Radio 02 is currently decomissioned


Other Attributes

Part Attributes
  • manufacturer = ICOM
  • model = IC-M31
  • newvalue = 182.56
  • serial = 0608183
  • status = decomissioned
VHF Usage
VHF Inspection 2015-09-17 6



Date Member Supplier Cost Comment
2016-03-05 Tim Walsh Radio not functional and binned
2015-09-17 Hayley
2015-02-24 chris coltman 25.00 Radio checked with AA batteries, does work but antenna missing
2014-05-07 Alex Bourla Confirm thwt Radio does work with AA battery pack only.
2014-05-02 Alex Bourla Attempted to use with fully charged BP-252 battery from newly purchased radio, this radio still wouldn't turn on. Does still work with emergency AA packs I think.
2014-05-02 Alex Bourla This radio is actually model IC-M31 not IC-M35. It is intended to be used with BC-224 battery pack charged using BC-150 charger. Neither BC-224 batteries in stores will charge using the BC-150 charger, looks like both batteries are dead.
2014-03-13 Tim Walsh 51.00 Missing ICOM BP-252 battery pack and is only using emergency AA battery pack
2013-04-07 Tim Walsh 182.56 Current new replacement cost=£182.56