The Committee is made up of elected members of the club, each with their own responsibilities. You can reach the whole committee by using the Contact Us page, or find each of our individual contact details below.

Lois Flounders

Lois was previously Extended Training Officer for UBUC, and is now our President. She is in charge of overseeing the Committee, setting agendas and chairing meetings, ensuring the club is running smoothly and progressing forward. Lois is a BSAC Dive Leader / PADI Dive Master, teaches as an Assistant Instructor with the club and is working towards her BSAC Open Water Instructor qualification. She's worked in the Indian Ocean doing scientific diving and spent the summer as a Dive Master in South Africa. She loves cushion stars and flounders. Feel free to drop her a message if you have any questions about the club!

Tim Kozhukhov

Since joining as a completely green fresher, Tim has since qualified as a Sports Diver and Assistant Diving Instructor, and is currently working towards his Dive Leader qualification. He also spent his second year with the club as the society Treasurer. As Vice-President, his job is to help the other committee members and to help the President in the day-to-day running of the society.

Chris Bainbridge
Diving Officer

Chris has been diving for 9 years, and is a qualified BSAC Open Water Instructor. He enjoys looking at fish, playing with dolphins, getting his suit eaten by seals and driving the club boats. As Diving Officer, Chris is in charge of safety of club members, as well as encouraging members to get out and do fun and adventurous diving. Chris is also Lead Instructor, ensuring all training programmes keep to the high standards that UBUC is renowned for.

Anna Hughes

Anna is a 3rd year biologist who learned to dive with UBUC. A UK diver through and through, Anna hadn’t dived in tropical waters until she went to study coral reefs in Indonesia this summer. Anna is a sports diver looking to keep improving in her third year.  Anna’s secretarial duties include keeping memberships and medical forms up to date and taking minutes in meetings, so feel free to give her a shout with anything admin-y! She is the club's contact with BSAC HQ.

Miranda Spencer
Training Officer

Miranda learned to dive with UBUC in her first year, was Secretary in her second year, and is now Training Officer in her third year. She loves sharks and will talk about them until your eyes glaze over. As TO, she’s in charge of organising Ocean Diver (OD) and Sports Diver (SD) training.

Emma Belcher
Extended Training Officer

Emma has been diving for 6 years and joined the club as a PADI Rescue Diver. She is now a second year Biochemistry student and is working towards her Dive Leader. She is a big fan of wrecks, turtles and nudibranchs. Emma is the person to talk to if you’re interested in Dive Leader and above, as well as Instructor Training and any Skills Development Courses.

Jake Wacker

Having learned to dive with UBUC as a second year biology student, Jake has now worked through SD and now working on his DL. Looking at getting into Marine research, learning and building experience with the club was a no-brainer, from the UK to the GBR and the Red Sea! As Treasurer he makes sure the financial numbers add up, and to chase people up over late payments

Jon Massey
Equipment Officer

Jon is a PhD student in clinical veterinary science who has been diving for over 18 years. Despite being a technical diver with a thirst for deep, dark scary wrecks he also loves instructing new divers and making sure diving is accessible (and fun!) for all. He is also a massive gear-head, mixed gas blender and scuba service technician and uses these in his role as Equipment Officer to ensure all the club kit is safe and ready for use by all our members.

Josh James
Boats Officer

Entering his fourth year with UBUC, Josh is a biologist who has worked on coral reefs in Madagascar, but also loves the marginally colder waters of the UK. If you've seen a fish and want to know what it is, Josh is your guy. He also ensures the boats, engines and everything related are in good working order.

Emily Bennett
Social Secretary

Emily is a second year chemist who did her sports diver qualification with UBUC last year. She’s planning on doing her Instructor Foundation and Dive Leader this year. Along with Cath, her role as Social Sec is to spread fun throughout the club when not diving. Always open to new social ideas, hit them up if you have any! 

Catherine Hay
Social Secretary

Cath is a second year biologist who discovered the amazing world of diving by completing her Ocean Diver qualification as a fresher. She is continuing with Sports Diver training this year. Her and Emily are keen beans to make all social related things as memorable as possible, so stay tuned for a very exciting year!