The Committee is made up of elected members of the club, each with their own responsibilities. You can reach the whole committee by using the Contact Us page, or find each of our individual contact details below.

Harry Bloomfield

Harry is a third year Psychology student who joined UBUC last year to gain his Ocean Diver qualification. After finishing training and recently going on a dive trip to Egypt, he is hooked and shows his passion by spending far too much money on broken drysuits. As president Harry’s role includes overseeing the committee and club operations while personally ensuring no members are attacked by sea badgers on dives.

Joe Halford

Joe is a third year medical student with a burning passion for all things ocean that has only grown since partaking in White shark conservation in South Africa last summer! Being relatively new to the diving scene, he takes every opportunity he can to get involved with the club. As Vice President,  he helps the other committee members and the President in the day-to-day running of the society and is always reachable by email or over a pint at the pub!

Ollie Velasco
Diving Officer

After joining UBUC Ollie has qualified as an Open Water Instructor and Dive Leader. Ollie is a Drama graduate and a keen underwater photographer and filmmaker, he learnt to dive with the club in the UK before venturing further afield on UBUC trips to Gozo and the Red Sea. As Diving Officer, Ollie's job is to ensure the safety of club members, encourage them to go diving, build on their current experience and ultimately have fun!

Georgia Selvey

Georgia is a third year Geography student and loves the water. She joined the club in her second year with an interest in becoming an Ocean Diver and is now currently working towards her Sports Diver qualification. Georgia's roles include keeping BSAC memberships/ medical forms up to date and taking minutes for all committee meetings.

Chris Bainbridge
Training Officer

Once awarded a mug entitled 'The World's Okayest Diver', Chris has been
around in UBUC for far longer than he cares to admit. He's taught and
dived around the world but is always proud to call UK waters his home.
No longer a student, Chris has plenty of free time on his hands and
dedicates far too much of it to training new divers. As Training
Officer, Chris is in charge of all our Ocean Diver and Sports Diver
trainees. For all your training-related questions and activities, drop
him a message or find him underwater.

Nicole Bartlett
Extended Training Officer
Nicole is a born an' bred Bristolian. She is a PADI Divemaster and BSAC Assistant Instructor, and works in Film & TV as a Factual Producer. Her role as ETO includes Instructor training, Dive Leader training and Skills Development Courses.
Jethro Jarrett

Jethro (the one that isn't a seal) is a 4th year Biologist with a keen interest in marine ecology and conservation. Having recently achieved his Ocean Diver qualification with the club, he plans to further develop his diving skills in the coming year. As treasurer, Jethro oversees UBUC’s finances and makes sure the club stays "afloat". Please pay for your kit hire, otherwise Jethro will be sad

Edu Santana de Vega
Equipment Officer

Edu is a PhD student from the canary islands who learned to dive back in 2014 shortly before moving to the UK. It was only when he joined UBUC that he finally braved it to try diving in cold UK waters and get back into it. A recently qualified sports diver and assistant instructor, Edu is in charge of keeping all our gear in service, dry and in good working conditions.

Peiman Moradi
Boats Officer
Peiman "likes boats and underwater stuff" and "in general I’m into technical things.". He maintains the club boats, engines and associated gear. If you like the feeling of being out on the open water, talk to Peiman!
Dani Van Rooyen
Social Secretary

Dani is a third year vet student who has been obsessed with the ocean her whole life. Growing up by the beach in South Africa and with a family who have spent their lives diving all over the world, she has always been inspired to take up diving. With UBUC she finally got the chance after joining last year to qualify as an Ocean Diver and she is planning on completing her sports diver this new year. As Social Sec she will be planning all the pub socials, events and updates and is also in charge of all the club merch. Feel free to contact her anytime with any queries. She is open to any ideas and suggestions on socials and is always available for any questions.

Tom Marinko
Drysuits Officer

Tom is a second year Geophysicist who joined UBUC this year to teach diving.  He has been diving for nearly a decade in far warmer climes and loves anything to do with new gear and is looking forward to the new dry-suits. He’ll be looking after all the new dry-suits and helping Edu look after the dive gear.

Alex Clark
Non-Portfolio Officer
When not pinching scallops, Alex assists various members of the committee with the running of the club. Alex can often be found working in stores, helping trainees at the pool or passed out in Lounge. If you ever need a hand just ask Alex!