The first step to becoming a BSAC Instructor is to attend an Instructor Foundation Course (IFC) which you can do once you have achieved your Sports Diver Qualification and will allow to teach in the Pool.

The next step is to start teaching in the pool and go diving to become a Dive Leader as this will allow you to become either a Practical or Theory Instructor.

To become a Theory Instructor you need to pass a Theory Instructor Exam (TIE). Once passed it allows you to give lectures for trainees.

To become a Practical Open Water Instructor you need to attend an Open Water Instructor Course and pass a Practical Instructor Exam (PIE). Once passed it allows you to take and teach trainees in the sea.

Once you pass both the PIE and the TIE you are a Nationally Qualified Instructor (NQI) and can teach both practical and theory. As an added incentive if you are actively instructing with the club you can claim back part of the cost of the IFC, OWIC, PIE and TIE.

Crossing Over from another Agency

If you have an instructor qualification from another agency that is recognised by BSAC, you can easily cross over. All you need to do is attend an Instructor Crossover (one day course). Please talk to our Extended Training Officer if you have any further questions! See the BSAC page for the latest dates.

Instructor Foundation Course (IFC)

The first step on the way to becoming an instructor is to attend an Instructor Foundation Course. This is a two day course run, usually run over the weekend, with half the time spent in lectures and small group sessions and the other half spent in the pool. On the first day you will get a title for a 10 minute classroom presentation and a pool lesson to be given the next day. But remember this isn’t a pass/fail assessment, it’s a course preparing you for the next step in becoming an instructor.

IFCs tend to be run in the same places and the nearest venues to Bristol are Exeter and Worcester. You can check the BSAC page for upcoming courses. Once you’ve completed an IFC you are a sheltered water Assistant Instructor so you can teach in the pool under the supervision of a Nationally Qualified Instructor (NQI). If you are actively instructing then you can claim back half of the cost of the IFC (speak to the Treasurer).

Open Water Instructor Course (OWIC)

The OWIC is a one day course where you will learn the elements of teaching in the open water. See the BSAC page for the latest dates.

Theory Instructor Exam (TIE)

The TIE is comprised of three separate elements:

  • A 10 minute Classroom presentation, presented to other candidates
  • A 1 hour (60 question) multiple choice answer Exam Paper
  • A 45 minute Practical Assessment

See the BSAC page for upcoming events.

Practical Instructor Exam (PIE)

The PIE is comprised of an hour practical lesson where you will teach a skill to a group of divers (who will be other candidates doing the PIE). See the BSAC page for upcoming events.