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Cylinder 07 is currently working


Other Attributes

Part Attributes
  • WC = 10L
  • manufacturer = Faber
  • mass = 15kg
  • material = steel
  • newvalue = 200
  • serial = 04/0743/034
  • status = working
  • year = 2004
Cylinder Operation
Cylinder Check 2016-01-10 6
Visual Inspection 2016-08-01 30 20
Hydraullic Test 2014-02-05 60 23.2



Date Member Supplier Cost Comment
2018-06-14 Sam Walder Spindle was leaking. Relaxed small o ring
2018-02-16 Sam Walder This tank was identified as an issue after the October service. The comment from inspection was: Dirty valve. O-ring heavily deformed + degraded. Rust in tank.
2017-12-10 Sam Walder This cylinder was exposed to the compressor for its 3 day continuous run. See the report on the compressor log for details
2016-08-01 Sam Walder Visual Inspection I think... This has not been recorded, but there is a sticker on the cylinder, so it must have happened. This entry added as part of checks on 13-10-2017
2016-01-10 Daniel Chaney Cylinder in good condition
2014-03-15 Tim Walsh Added QR Code label
2014-02-05 Daniel Chaney JR Services Hydraulic Test
2014-02-05 Daniel Chaney JR Services Visual Inspection
2014-02-05 Daniel Chaney JR Services 40.00 Combined tests cost £39.24 inc VAT and discount
2014-01-01 Tim Walsh 55.00 Lack of records of visual and hydraulic tests suggest out of date
2013-04-07 Tim Walsh 200.00 Current new replacement cost=£200