Departure and Arrival: We embarked on our scuba diving adventure on Sunday, June 23rd. The day started early, with our group leaving Bristol at 7:30 am. The drive to Chesil Beach was smooth, taking approximately two and a half hours. We arrived at our destination around 10:00 am, eager to dive into the day’s activities.

Weather Conditions: The day began with a blanket of clouds covering the sky, which initially made the atmosphere a bit subdued and the visibility underwater a bit worse. However, as the day progressed, the weather took a delightful turn. By 1:00 pm, the clouds had cleared, revealing a brilliant sunny day. The temperature settled at a comfortable 18 degrees Celsius, perfect for a day by the sea.

Dive Conditions: The visibility underwater was fair to good, primarily influenced by the seasonal plankton blooms. Despite the plankton, we could still enjoy clear views of the marine life around us. The swell was quite strong, measuring at 0.4 metres which added a bit of challenge to our dives, especially in terms of buoyancy and visibility. Hand holding to not lose each other was a must!

Marine Life: Our dives were incredibly rewarding, as we were greeted by a diverse array of marine life. We encountered several wrasse, whose vibrant colours added a splash of brightness to the underwater scenery. Spider crabs were also spotted, their intricate forms crawling along the seabed. The kelp forests swayed with the current, providing a mesmerising backdrop to our exploration. We also marvelled at the beauty of the anemones, their delicate tentacles waving gently in the water.

Achievements: A highlight of the day was the qualification of two of our group members as Ocean Divers. This achievement was celebrated with much enthusiasm, marking a significant milestone in our scuba diving journey. A new group member dived with a dry suit for the first time, and in UK waters, where they had not ventured in years. Another group member successfully completed their OW3 class meaning only one left to qualify!

Return Journey: After a fulfilling day of diving and marine exploration, we packed up and left Chisel Beach at 4:00 pm. The drive back to Bristol was relaxed, and we arrived home by 7:00 pm, tired but content with the day’s adventures.

Overall, our scuba diving trip to Chesil Beach on June 23rd was a fantastic experience, filled with memorable underwater encounters and personal achievements. We look forward to our next dive and the adventures it will bring.