In the very rare event that a diver should get DCI (the bends) or be suspected of suffering DCI the first thing to do is to get them breathing pure Oxygen and get them to the nearest Diving Chamber (typically the DDRC at Plymouth) for specialist help.

The club has its own O2 kits that should go on every dive trip so that O2 can be administrated as soon as possible. We have two Marinox O2 therapy Boat kits and one Marinox shore kit.

Shore Diving

For shore diving trips we have a clearly labelled 12l oxygen cylinder with a DIN fitting valve (so as not to be confused with our normal cylinders). We have an ammo case that contain all the necessary parts to be able to administer O2 in an emergency situation.

Boat Diving

For boat diving trips we have 2 Medical size D cylinders. The regulators and masks are stored in two watertight plastic tubes. One cylinder and one tube must be placed on each boat. Remember to remove the regulators from the tubes after the trip in case any moisture has got in.

Oxygen Administration

To be able to use the O2 kits you need to have done an O2 Administration course. The club runs these every year and is a requirement for anyone working towards Dive Leader but you can do it any time in your training. Contact the Extended Training Officer for details of the next course.