Swapping (grey) seals for (leaky drysuit) seals at Vobster quay!

So with Storm Brian cancelling our plans to head up to the Farnes and dive with seals this weekend, a group of us headed inland to Vobster Quay on Sunday for some quarry diving!

First to hit the water were Ollie (much to his surprise) and Anna for some chilled (literally) but enjoyable diving around the various sunken wrecks.

Next were Sam, Greg and Tim. Greg found his first UK dives to be not as cold as expected, however I think Tim got a bit colder than expected when his new drysuit leaked!

After having some equipment faff (someone had to do it) myself and Nicole had some relaxing dives and got to try out our underwater cameras!

Who said quarry diving was boring!?

– Lois ?

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