On Saturday six of us went down to the south coast of Devon for some diving and SD training at the wreck of the Louis Sheid. Sam and I went first, using a compass bearing and some geographic features (lining up a house with the arch off the beach) to successfully descend onto the wreck, following the couple hundred-meter surface swim. After locating the boilers and sending up a marker, everyone managed to get two dives in on the small yet lovely little wreck. Due to being so shallow, the wreck was very well lit leading to decent 4 to 5-meter vis. On both dives, small shoals of wrasse and other fish were seen swimming in and out of one of the boilers, as well as some Tompot blennies that had decided to make their home in the pipes. There were even some particularly big wrasses spotted by Emily and Rosie on each of their dives.

The wreck was also perfect for some SD training for compass navigation, deployment of a DSMB and distance line diving. Due to how shallow the wreck was, a simulated deco lesson although possible was a bit funny to do after quite so shallow of a dive. The use of a distance line helped us in exploring a lot of the wreck, at one point finding a massive cage looking thing that was big enough to look inside of and even big enough to swim through. Overall the lovely wreck, bright sunshine and good food from the small cafe made for a great day of diving.

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