It was a wonderful trip to Chesil Cove, Devon in Chris’ nice cosy Ferrari that surprisingly fit 5 BCD’s, 10 cylinders and 5 eager divers and their kit.

For my first time diving in the UK I was expecting brown mucky water with <5m visibility but to my surprise we saw lobsters, cat sharks (like, loads of catsharks.. breeding season?), Wrasse, ‘boring’ sponge, sea squirt etc. I was made sure I was comfortable with the UBUC equipment and if any issues came up to inform the dive leader and it would be handled… being on top of Chris on our ascent resulted in a fun experience getting a fin tangled in a delayed surface marker buoy (DSMB) at about 3m, which was resolved quickly thanks to superhero Chris (who has done an incident report..)

I’m keen on going on many more dives with UBUC and increasing my number of dives. The car ride was a great way to get to know everyone and make dive buddies. With 7-8m visibility and no incidences of hypothermia from us all diving in wetsuits I would say the day was an amazing success! Also a big shout to Sheila Hunn, a lovely lady who manages a Facebook group called Images of Portland and acted as our personal photographer for the day, here’s a few pictures from the trip…

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