Despite some minor confusion over the clocks changing, four UBUC’ers headed to everyone’s favourite quarry for some OD and SD training. In what may be a historic first for the club, all the divers were in drysuits–some for the first time! The water was cold as balls but vis was great at around 10m… at least until a shoal of PADI trainees came flopping through.

When not alternating between being vacuum-packed and channeling the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man in their drysuits, the trainees befriended a hungry dog, huddled in the women’s sauna, and planned 3 minute dives between neighbouring landmarks. With a minimum amount of faff and four dives, we covered AS ascents, DSMB and SMB use, dive leading, and mask clears.

The day ended for most of us with a beautiful sunset, a debate on the merits of the Greatest Showman, and two completed qualifications! Congratulations to Abby and Miranda, our new OD and SD! 

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