Photo: Natalie Minter

After the logistics of social distancing had been worked out at Brixham we were keen to get off on another trip.

After navigating several miles of single track roads (which were a little too narrow for one member’s van) we got down to a slightly grey site. On the surface, we managed to spot a seal close to the shoreline who stayed around whilst we kitted up.

Having not been to this site in a while we had gone off the knowledge that you can go in anywhere and have a good dive. This was not quite the case meaning the first few members spent 45 mins staring at sand for the entire dive seeing mostly very tiny crabs, a flat fish and not much else.

Photo: Jon Massey

Photo: Jon Massey

Other members had better luck going over to the right-hand side of the beach which contained lots of rocks and gullies to explore. One lucky pair managed to spot a ray over this side as well as a school of bass. There was lots of juvenile bib sheltering under the rocks as well as the usual crabs and lobster. One pair got slightly scared by a strange arrangement of dead spider crabs which had some very culty vibes.

Although the visibility wasn’t great the day soon brightened up letting us enjoy lunch in the sunshine and leaving us all slightly burned by the end of the day.

Photo: Jake Wacker

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