After a few trips in a row with some questionable visibility, we finally encountered vis over a meter with a weekend bimble at Chesil. With lovely sunny conditions above the water and 6m of vis under, we all had a lovely day, complete with some great tunes and questionable dance moves on the surface interval.

Peculiar pebble dancing. Credit: Chris Bainbridge

One group spotted a cuttlefish while exploring the bay, and many others saw the usual wrasse, schools of sand eels and plenty of Bib. With conditions being so calm, it made for a great trip to do some SD training. On return from one of these training dives, one group spotted a very interesting underwater attraction, in the form of half of a dead cow.

Lovely conditions for a training dive. Credit: Emily Cruse

A textbook DSMB deployment by Emily. Credit: Nat Minter

This immediately warranted further exploration from the rest of us, to find although the species identification was a little off, there was indeed a skeleton under the water, although of a sheep. Either way, very unexpected and may or may not have influenced the decision to not return here for a night dive later in the week.

The somewhat grim discovery. Credit: Ollie Velasco


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