We had fair weather for most of the weekend and the diving conditions were good. Saturday we dived the JEL and the Glen Strathallen. On the JEL the vis was around 3-6m and with the sun out made for a beautiful dive. We can confirm that despite the recent deterioration, the engine is still accessible (the conga in one of the support struts let me know this for sure!). Other spots were crayfish, a squat lobster, large edible crabs as well as lots of other fish.
Normally we save the Glen Strath. for less favorable conditions, but as we were tired we thought we would do it on this sunny day. The conditions made for a particularly easy and lovely dive with the usual complement of life around the boiler. I tried to use my newly found crack bottle DSMB to lift the anchor of the boat only to find the crack bottle nearly empty. This resulted in a LOT of faff!

On Sunday we headed further down the coast to the wreck of the Persier. It took us a while to satisfy ourselves that the shot was in the right place but we did get it. The conditions on the wreck were absolutely beautiful with excellent visibility and complete stillness. It was difficult in places to see the wreck for the thick covering of bib! Also sighted were lots of cuckoo wrasse and crayfish. Only issue was we just did not have long enough on it!

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