The most famous divesite around Skomer Island the intact upright wreck of the Lucy is a diver’s dream. So much has been written about diving this wreck that repeating it all here would be pointless. Have a look here for the definitive tour. At 42m to the seabed and the top of the mast at 15m, she is an impressive dive – small enough to have a good look round with minimal decompression. Due to depth restrictions, the Lucy is only for experienced SD or above and is diveable on any state of the tide, (but can run like a train!) and in any wind except Northerlys.

J.L’s Wreck Tour of the Lucy

GPS: 50° 44′ 27″N, 5° 16′ 33″W
The wheelhouse is here: N51° 44.465′ W005° 16.651′

Getting the wreck on the sounder is a challenge if the shot is not already on it. This is because the reef is within about 10m of the wreck. See the contour map taken below:

Given the reef lies to the South and is easy to mistake for the wreck, it is suggested that you may want to motor from the North. The first rise you see will be the wreck. Bear in mind that midships only rises a few meters from the seabed.
The sides of the ship curve inwards enough that you will get no soundings from those depths. This means you will get two hard lines on the sounder and an what looks like clear water in between.

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