On Sunday morning we headed down with our training officer Chris, Harry and myself to NDAC. After stepping out of the car into a frozen puddle, we instantly realised why late November dives are not a crowd-favourite. Despite the sub-zero temperatures, we were excited to get started with the dive.

Following a lengthy battle with Damian’s extremely tight dry-suit and a slightly dodgy minibus drive, Chris and I were finally able to get going with the first dive of the day. Thanks to great visibility we were able to see a few underwater attractions including a sunk airplane and jeep, and we were even able to play a bit of underwater chess (which Chris unquestionably won). We practiced some CBL and out-of-air drills. We then rewarded ourselves with (undeniably) the best hot chocolate and started planning our second dive which Harry crazily decided to join, wearing nothing but a 7ml wetsuit and a two-sizes-too-small hood.

On the second dive we did a rope descent on top of a sunk tank and were greeted by a few friendly fish. We did mask clearing drills and ended the dive with me doing some dive leading. Surprisingly, Harry managed to stay in the water for nearly the entire dive despite looking like one big ice cube. We then treated ourselves to a lovely warm lunch in the café and went home feeling very happy with big smiles and an ocean diver qualification!

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