This was a weekend down at Plymouth, staying in a (very cheap) holiday park in Brixham. The first day we did the JEL and Scylla. The second day we aimed to do two dives, but ended up only doing one.

Day 1 – JEL

The JEL is a very accessible wreck, with a max depth of just 20m. With good vis (7m) it was really good to be able to see lots of the wreck. There’s plenty of good swim throughs, as the wreck itself is very open. Plenty of wrasse, we found a crab, but we mainly spent most of the dive swimming through the wreck and admiring the beauty of it.

Day 1 – Scylla

This dive we spent swimming around the Scylla – it’s not very broken up, having been scuttled quite recently. You can see inside it but I wouldn’t advise going in; it can get very very silty very quickly, and divers have been known to die inside.

After we we round the starboard side, we hit a very large shoal of fish and spent some time watching them. However, this was quite a short dive as I did get pretty cold.

Day 2

We were supposed to be doing the Elk on Sunday, however after much searching we were unable to locate the wreck (annoying, as we’d easily done it the year before). We headed back to land for some lunch, and then decided to the Abelard as we had to get the boats back onto the trailer before we headed back. Alex and Neil went in, and I think had a reasonable dive. Ben and myself were on the boat, but unfortunately had an engine failure around 3 minutes before they surfaced. Unable to restart the engine, we decided we should do a Pan-pan call. Another dive boat came over to help, however during the time we’d sent the call and whilst we were waiting, we managed to dig out the spare fuel line and lo and behold, the engine spluttered back into life. We then picked up our divers, and after saying thanks to the other board, headed back to shore. We didn’t want to do another dive with an engine that wasn’t working well, so Ben and myself didn’t have a dive on Sunday.

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