Babbacombe Again!

A small group of UBUC’ers headed down to Babbacombe as after Monday’s storm, there weren’t many sites diveable. Although the visibility was a bit pants, we still saw lots of crustaceans including lobsters and crabs, and we even managed some open water training too!

Try Dives 2021

UBUC welcomed 37 new trainees as part of our Try Dives (during Bristol SU’s Give It A Go week). Thank you to all that attended, including trainees, instructors and helpers – we hope you had an amazing time and we hope to see you again in the water soon!  

UBUC Intro Talk 2021

The UBUC Introductory Talk will be held this year at Queen’s Bill Brown Design Suite ( at 7pm. Please come along to find out more about the society and how to get involved. We’ll be heading to the White Harte afterwards so please come join us then too!


With OD and SD trainees nearly finished it made sense to pop across the bridge to NDAC where we could get the depth required plus see some wrecks that none of them had seen before. Lots of good training was done and congratulations to our two new Ocean Divers!

Swanage Pier

With winds reasonably strong we took a gamble and went to Swanage Pier. The visibility wasn’t too bad at all, and was perfect for some students who had never been in the sea before, plus drysuit training, although it was pretty windy on the surface! Many pollack and bib under Read more…