We had quite an odd assortment of divers with a wide range of lessons that needed covering for this training trip down in Vobster. For many of us it was the end of our exams and so what better way to de-stress? The weather was a bit below par for the entrance to British Summer but this didn’t affect the visibility or our resilient spirits too much. With Jez Kent and Simon Atack (freshly qualified from the day before) taking the lessons and Ben Jacobs helping out, we churned through a lot of Ocean and Sports Diver necessities. Jessica Parkin had her first non-pool dive, Heena and I slogged through some Ocean Diver lessons and Tiktian and Hayley very nearly finished off their Sports Diver training. I believe they had a little tour of some of the finest sights Vobster had to offer towards the end of the day, with Tiktian sporting his favourite new full-face mask. All the while we also had Josh trying out some new kit (unfortunately Dive Leader training couldn’t happen this time).

Overall a very productive trip! Positives: lots of training progression made by all. Negatives: I discovered a slight leak in my dry suit which may need some attention… I definitely got wet and perhaps a little bit cold…

To wrap it up when we got back to Bristol a few of us went to a delightful seafood restaurant in the heart of Clifton. I think I ordered the lemon sole. It was delicious.

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