Sam and I headed down to the Tor Bay area for some shore diving. We dived Shag Rock in the morning (man, it’s a swim – 10 to 15 minutes each way), where Sam found a reasonably large dogfish and we got caught in a bit of a current as the tide was coming off high water slack. Thankfully we managed to hide round the other side of the rock, and there was a bit of confusion when we found ourselves at 2m and (it turns out after) both gesturing that we should go up to have a look around but both completely mis-understanding the other.

After lunch at the cafe overlooking Shag Rock, we headed round the corner to Fairy Cove and the wrecks to the south of the cove. By this time it was nearing low water, so the max depth wasn’t more than 5m. However, after diving along some sand we came first to some plate (woohoo, bits of wreck!) and then suddenly more and more life started appearing. Loads of big lobsters, and assortment of crabs, shrimp, jellyfish, big wrasse, big shoals of pout, loads of tom pot blennies.. the list goes on and on. And all this in ~4m, and probably no more than 30m from the shore. If you follow the lobster pot line it’ll take you south along the interesting parts. There’s loads of cracks and overhangs and small gullies to explore, just take your time. Next time we should head further south as I don’t think we found all of the wreckage.

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