Chris kindly took Hana and I down to Chesil Cove to finish off our OD training. Getting into the sea, off the beach, proved to be tricky. The beach was quite step and there were few waves waiting to catch you off guard. Chris was slightly concerned with how good the visibility would be, but once we got in and got some depth visibility was around 8m which was great. While Hana and I had to complete our training, all of us also wanted to see a cuttlefish. Very well camouflaged and resembling a slimy rock they’re tricky to see but we were lucky enough to spot a few. The current picked up slightly for the second dive but with a little help from Chris we managed navigate to the correct point on the beach. It started to rain as we were packing the car which sped up the packing procedure considerably, as everyone tried to avoid getting soaked. We both completed our training and had great dive to finish everything off.

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