On Saturday night after pool training, Josh had the crazy idea of going on an impromptu night dive the next day, so three of us decided to head down to Babbacombe, even though it was cold and recent vis reports hadn’t been too great…


Nevertheless, Chris, Josh and I arrived in time for a ’70 minute afternoon bimble’ along the reef in daylight, where we found loads of amazing life, such as colourful snakelock anemones, a catshark, loads of hermit crabs, fish such as blennies, wrasse and bib, nudibranchs a tonne of lobsters including one very sad one in a lobster pot.

The water wasn’t too cold either, about 12 degrees C, sunny, and the water was flat calm. After a short surface interval involving a lot of chocolate, we kitted up for the NIGHTDIVE! Remember kids, check your cylinders before they leave Bristol as we arrived to find some were only half full.. Whoops. However, we managed a 50 minute dive around the pier and reef. When the sun goes down, all the creepy critters come out! Among the highlights were more nudibranchs, conger eels, squat lobsters, more lobsters and an OCTOPUS!!!

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