We have recently registered ourselves to the Amazon Affiliate programme!

The way it works is that when you click on this link, for any item you purchase off Amazon within 24 hours the club will get a portion of the item cost back at no extra cost to you – there is absolutely no catch.

This works for any item on Amazon, not just the item our affiliate link goes to, so you can use this same link to purchase books, Prime memberships, any digital Amazon content, or any other random bits that take your fancy – literally anything on Amazon.

Here is the link affiliated to UBUC which shows some of the dive gear available to buy on Amazon, mostly from the well reputed brand Cressi.

The link will also be featured in the footer of all of our future bulletins from now on. Do note that as a committee we will be able to see what people have bought with this link, but purchases are anonymous – we don’t know who bought what. We intend to give an award at the AGM for the silliest or most embarrassing thing bought through this link which the “winner” can accept if they wish….

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