Have you ever wanted to try Underwater Rugby? We are excited to annouce a new collaboration with Bristol Bullsharks, a fellow local Bristol and BSAC club!

What is Underwater Rugby?

In simple terms, 2 teams of 6 players in the water (each team can also have up to 6 substitutes on the poolside) tussle with a weighted ball to score in the opposition’s goal.

The rules are quite basic, in that you can only be tackled if you have possession of the ball, and you can only attack when you have possession. Whilst it is a full contact sport, tackling around the neck, or grabbing of any snorkelling equipment is a foul, as is holding the goal.

The ball, weighing about 2kg, can be passed in any direction, but must not break the surface of the water.

The pool is usually between 3.5m and 5m deep, and up to 20m long.

This is an apnea sport – only the referees get scuba equipment!

It is a mixed sport, but there are also individual men’s and ladies competitions.

Matches are usually 2 x 15 minutes with a 5 minute halftime break.

Substitutions are made ‘on the fly’ by exiting the pool at your own goal end, and your sub enters via a dedicated entry lane (for safety)

How do I get involved?

Bristol Bullsharks sessions run every week at the Uni pool in the Richmond Building, currently on Sunday mornings from 11:15 for 90 minutes. They meet at 11am in the foyer of the Union before heading through.

The first 30-40 minutes is taken up with general fitness training and improving the breath holds, with new players having snorkel / basic water skills training (depending on previous water experience). They then move onto game specific skills – like goal scoring, defending the basket etc, before finally finishing the session with a 15-20 minute match.

They can provide all kit, but if players have their own mask, snorkel and fins (without clips) it would be helpful as they have limited supplies. They also wear water polo style hats for both ear protection and aids team mate recognition.

The first session is free!

After this, costs are (at present) £7 per 90 minute session – but this is subject to review based on how many regular players the club has (prices will go down with more members). Should players wish, they can also sign up as Bristol Bullsharks members (£10 first year, with free club t-shirt, and then £3 annually thereafter).

What do I do now?

Just turn up at the University pool at 11am on Saturdays! If you have any questions, contact details are available on the BSAC website here.


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