Another bank holiday means we need another trip! And where better to go than this old classic? Not as far as you think it is to drive, and 3 days of diving possible!!

Diving and Activities

Land’s End is an excellent place to take the club boats for a long weekend. The range of diving available means that all levels of diver can be accommodated, and most dive sites can be geared towards both the inexperienced and the more advanced.

We have historically done a lot more diving here and someone wrote down the details of the dive sites here! I have found even more information here!


I will need some more input with regards to the organisation, as we may be able to take the RIB down if things are looking good, though we need to find somewhere to launch it from.


Not decided yet. Will probably be warm enough to camp, which would keep the costs nice and low. The old information suggests we go here.


This trip is open to all qualified divers with UK boat diving experience. If you are not sure about this please get in contact so we can help.


Open for some debate. I would suggest it would be worth heading down on the Friday (25th May) as it is a long way and staying the night before diving. We can head back on Monday the 28th to get back late.


The costs for this trip will be roughly as follows:
Fuel: Depends on your driver, but likely to be around ~£12-30
Van Hire: ~£30
Additional boat costs (moring, fuel): ~£15-20
Accommodation: ~£15-20
Food: Up to you, we will probably go out to the pub
Boat hire: £5/PP/day
Air: ~£2 a fill (we will bring full cylinders, so first day free)
Kit hire: This will depend on what you need. You can see the prices on the union website by going to Underwater->Events->Kit Hire (

So that is coming out at about ~£120 ish for 3 days diving!! (This will depend a bit on how many people come, and is a massive guess)


We will be asking for a £30 deposit per person so that we can pay for the accommodation and some of the van hire (This will not be returnable after the accommodation has been booked, unless you can sell your space to someone else).

We will send an email soon requesting the deposit.


You will need all of your basic dive gear. A lot of this can be borrowed/hired from the club. Get in contact if you need some help with this!
A DSMB will be essential!

Sign Up Sheet

The number of people we can take depends on how many boat handlers and people with towing cars we get. You will see on the sheet that spaces are reserved for those with these qualifications. Please be aware that if we do not get enough boat handlers/people with cars then we will only be able to run the trip with the people first to sign up.

Sign up!

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