New diving time! We have a bank holiday weekend approaching, so let’s make the most of it!

Diving and Activities

Portland is loaded with wrecks, has a harbor full of stuff, and even offers some easy shore diving. I have only done a few of the sites here but can say I have probably had one of my top 5 dives on the wreck of the M2. It has an aircraft hanger on it that you can go in!

There is a massive list of sites we could explore, the following links should give you some idea of the broad range of diving available:

We will try and keep the depth shallower than 30m for accessibility, though we could send one boat out to deeper sites if the conditions look good.

We will be on the club boats, as well as possibly my new one. We will decide more details on the plan of sites and such closer to the time. 


I need someone to help organise the accomodation, fills and launching, please let me know if you can do this.


This trip is open to all qualified divers with UK boat diving experience. If you are not sure about this please get in contact so we can help.


We will be heading down early on the morning of Saturday the 5th of May. Diving will then be on Saturday, Sunday and Monday getting back to Bristol for late evening on Monday.


The costs for this trip will be roughly as follows:
Fuel: Depends on your driver, but likely to be around ~£15-20
Van Hire: ~£30
Additional boat costs (moring, fuel): ~£15
Accommodation: ~£25-30?
Food: Up to you, we will probably go out to the pub
Boat hire: £5/PP/day
Air: ~£2 a fill (we will bring full cylinders, so first day free)
Kit hire: This will depend on what you need. You can see the prices on the union website by going to Underwater->Events->Kit Hire (

So that is coming out at about ~£100 for 3 days diving!! (I am estimating this very loosely though!)


We will be asking for a £30 deposit per person so that we can pay for the accommodation and some of the van hire (This will not be returnable after the accommodation has been booked, unless you can sell your space to someone else).

We will send an email soon requesting the deposit.


You will need all of your basic dive gear. A lot of this can be borrowed/hired from the club. Get in contact if you need some help with this!
A DSMB will be essential!

Sign Up Sheet

The number of people we can take depends on how many boat handlers and people with towing cars we get. You will see on the sheet that spaces are reserved for those with these qualifications. Please be aware that if we do not get enough boat handlers/people with cars then we will only be able to run the trip with the people first to sign up.

Sign up!

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