“The Royal Adelaide was an iron sailing ship of 1400 tons built by William Patterson at Bristol in 1865”

This looks like it should be an easy enough dive to do from the shore, but that is not totally accurate – the walk is a bit of a pain…

You will findo online some instructions on how to find this site, there is a transit that you can use.


Lots more information on Finstrokes

It looks like it is well worth a dive, and this is supported by the videos you will find on youtube. Apparently it is covered in triggerfish for some reason…

Here are some photos of how far away the walk is:

Check Finstrokes page for updated transits.

Also, be aware that there can be a strong current – slack water on this side of the bay is 2 hours after high water Weighmouth.


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The Royal Adelaide – or not – UBUC · May 29, 2018 at 10:42 am

[…] the site is not bad – all the info on it can be found here. We found the walk was a bit of a pain. We also found there was quite a current running which I had […]

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